We create creative spaces.

We stimulate development processes and enable innovative approaches and ideas. Our aim is to involve people in the process design, to stimulate them in their everyday life and to encourage compact solutions using creative methods.


We empower people and organizations.

We encourage to use strengths and to perceive challenges as potentials for open, diverse and inclusive development opportunities. We support the establishment of places of learning in which equality, diversity and inclusion (DEI - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) is an integral part of the entrepreneurial activity. Our focus is on promoting diversity in the workplace and on developing New Work processes.


We accompany sustainable development processes.

We refer to the most modern and application-oriented content and concepts of a sustainable development and apply them tailor-made to our clients. Whether our client is a starter, advanced or pioneer: As established experts in sustainability we develop suitable solutions for every requirement together with our clients. We make use of our many years of experiences and involve our renowned, international network in our work. True to the motto: Today not at the expense of tomorrow, here not at the expense of elsewhere.


Nadine da Cruz Oliveira

Creative Director

Nadine is an actress and the creative director at reCET. In recent years she has worked as an actress, produced short films and co-managed a non-profit association. She was also a member of a theater association and was closely associated with the management structures. Nadine is currently completing an educational training as a social justice and diversity trainer at the FH in Potsdam. She has been living with her family in Eberswalde and Berlin since 2020.

Martin Balas

Managing Director

Martin is a specialist in the field of sustainable tourism, sustainability standards, certifications and sustainability strategies in Germany and abroad. He has already implemented more than 50 different sustainability projects and has been a speaker and moderator in several hundred events and conferences. He is a board member of the European sustainability network ECOTRANS e. V., an expert in consultation rounds of the EU Commission and the World Tourism Organization. Martin has already established various companies and initiatives, most recently the Excellence Initiative Sustainable Travel Destinations. He is currently in the final stages of his doctoral thesis on sustainability measurements in tourism.
Christine Kintscher
After successfully completing her bachelor's degree in tourism business administration at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and after an one-and-a-half-year trainee program at a digital holiday home specialist, Christine was initially drawn to the real estate industry. At first she worked here as an employee and later as a partner in the family-run company. With her ongoing master's degree in sustainable tourism management at the HNE Eberswalde, she is returning "to her roots". Christines academic focus is on nature tourism and sustainable destination development. She was able to gain relevant practical experiences, among other things, in the project cooperation with the Tourismusverband Prignitz e. V., the Tourism Association Angermünde e. V. as well as the German National Tourist Board (DZT) and the German Tourism Association (DTV). Together with the Excellence Initiative for Sustainable Destinations, Christine is currently working on a pilot project for greenhouse gas accounting in ten german tourist destinations.
Kimberley Möller
Kimberley Möller
Kimberley entered the tourism industry 10 years ago as a youth travel guide. In addition to her bachelor's degree in tourism management at the Harz University of Applied Sciences, she was able to gain practical experiences in various European destinations during the summer and winter seasons. After placing her academic focus in the areas of social responsibility and sustainability in tourism she completed her bachelor's internship at the tourism sustainability consultancy mascontour GmbH. Before Kimberley started her master's degree in Sustainable Tourism Management at HNE Eberswalde, she had various work experiences in the field of well-being tourism, including Ayurvedic health centers and surf schools. In her current studies, she is inspired by social entrepreneurs who have a positive impact on people and the environment and implement projects that are close to their hearts.
Vanessa Jobst-Jürgens
Head of People & Tranformation at Serviceplan Consulting Group
Denis Schött
Graphic Artist & Designer


LIFT climate funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology
The LIFT Climate funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) is intended to strengthen climate protection in tourism in terms of supply and demand and thus at the same time secure the medium- and long-term competitiveness of the medium-sized German tourism industry. Within the framework of LIFT Climate, projects are funded that successfully combine climate protection and economic development and, due to their best-practice character, provide impulses for business, science and politics on how to deal with a growing demand for tourism activities in a climate-friendly and sustainable manner. The aim is to show ways in which tourism can contribute to achieving the climate protection goals that have been set.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organization that works with governments, policy makers and citizens to develop international standards and evidence-based solutions to a wide range of social, economic and environmental challenges.
TourCert gGmbH
We are official TourCert coaches and auditors and with Martin also shareholders of this international consulting and certification organization.
Excellence Initiative Sustainable Destinations
In order to collaborate nationwide and to learn from other pioneers, a group of sustainability-active destinations has formed, the "Excellence Initiative Sustainable Destinations". Martin conceived the idea of the initiative, accompanied its set-up, and led the Excellence Initiative in its initial set-up phase, with the goal of building it up to be sustainable and self-financed in the long term.
Saxon Switzerland Tourism Association e.V.
The Saxon Switzerland Tourism Association represents the interests of all stakeholders involved in tourism in the region. The aim is to create a tourism in Saxon Switzerland which is fair and future-oriented for all stakeholders in close cooperation with the neighboring Bohemian Switzerland. The association is recognized as a motor for the progressive and sustainable tourism development and accountable for a variety of tourism projects.
German National Tourist Board e.V.
The German National Tourist Board is responsible to promote Germany as a travel destination abroad. Since several years it has been committed to the representation of special sustainable tourism offers in Germany. Due to our collaboration we have supported them by holding lectures, moderations but also in the development of sustainability campaigns.
German Tourism Association e.V.
The German Tourism Association is the German umbrella organization of municipal, regional and nationwide tourism organizations based in Berlin.
Martin is on the board of this European think tank for sustainability in tourism. Ecotrans carries out international sustainability projects, develops sustainability platforms and accompanies initiatives for the sustainable transformation of tourism, such as the website.
We are an official member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is an international organization dedicated to protecting the environment and culture in tourism. The organization aims to promote and support sustainable travel and tourism worldwide. The GSTC develops standards and frameworks for a sustainable tourism that can be applied by businesses and governments around the world. It works closely with other organizations and governments to ensure that tourism makes a positive contribution to the development of local communities and the protection of the environment.


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