Product and Offer Development

Direct customer contact is very important to us. As a former owner of an own tour operator and additionally the many experiences in sales, we have already developed marketable products and offers. As part of our consulting and lecturing activities, we have created comprehensive and practicable tools for the sustainable development of offers. Our experiences shall also be beneficial and available to other companies.

In principle, sustainable products, services and offerings must also meet general requirements in terms of their attractiveness and benefits. A sustainable product does not have to be “different”, but it should be perceived as the “better” product.

Characteristics of a sustainable offer in tourism.

What makes a sustainable product better?

What makes a sustainable product better?

It creates positive influences / has a positive impact.

It takes into account capacity limits

The effects (positive and negative) are represented transparently

It avoids or reduces negative impacts on the environment and society

Environmental impacts are recorded and borne by the causative actor

In addition to the customer benefits, it also provides additional benefits for other stakeholders

Preferable it has proof of sustainable orientation


What do we offer?

  • We analyze your current business practices and identify your sustainability potentials during this process.
  • We develop sustainability strategies and goals together with you.
  • Based on international standards and partly self-developed tools, we determine the status quo of your offers and products.
  • We provide support in fulfilling sustainability standards and certifications.
  • We help to reduce the resource consumption and CO2 emissions of your operations and services.
  • We assist our clients in the development of sustainability reports and sustainability communication.
  • We support you in integrating sustainability into your corporate culture and management.
  • We offer trainings and workshops for employees and managers on sustainable business practices.

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