Cultural Education

What is our approach to cultural education?

Our approach to cultural education

We initiate processes through which we enable access to art, culture and creativity. In this way, we develop creativity and enable the personal and social development of people in a participatory interaction.

In the process, cognitive development is promoted, communication skills and self-confidence are strengthened, a sense of community is developed and social integration is supported.

Cultural education helps us to understand and to appreciate the world around us and encourages to develop our personality and self-image.


What do we offer?

For public institutions, but also within the framework of corporate processes, we create offers for art, music, theater, dance and much more. In addition, we offer services to support organizations and individuals in the development and implementation of projects and initiatives in the field of Cultural Education.

  • We develop individually customized courses and workshops on cultural education. We offer both beginner and advanced courses for all groups of people.
  • We advise on the planning and implementation of cultural projects, educational concepts and materials.
  • We advise on the integration of cultural education in schools and educational institutions and can offer training courses on this ourselves.
  • We advise on the integration of cultural education in companies and organizations.

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